About the Majestics

In the fall of 1992, McNeil High School opened the doors as RRISD's 3rd high school and the Majestic Dance team was formed under the direction of Mrs. Denise Cochran. Mrs. Cochran named the team and designed their beautiful field uniform that still exists today. The team originated with 20 dancers and 2 managers. The original logo for our team was designed by our very first officer line.

Majestic Purpose

Each Majestic, through the development of dance techniques, leadership skill and self-discipline and esteem, will foster good fellowship and build school spirit within our school and community. Our team will encourage loyalty, high morals and standards among its members; objectives that will prepare each member for the future. The Majestic Dance Team will fulfill its purpose for the benefit of McNeil High School and the community of Round Rock Independent School District.

Rules and Regulations

As a member of the Majestics, you must abide by all of the rules and regulations beginning on the date you successfully pass the audition. Membership on the team does not automatically qualify the member to dance with the team in every performance. Each girl will audition for every team performance. To qualify to dance with the team, each member must have mastered the dance steps and perform it with perfected dance technique.


As a member of Majestics, each young lady must abide by a certain set of rules and regulations. This high code of conduct includes academic achievement as well as lady like and appropriate behavior in and out of Majestics.


Any student may request a try-out application from the Directors during the announced sign-up period. A mandatory audition meeting is held prior to the auditions, for students who are interested, to sign-up and secure a place for the try-out process. Auditions shall be held during the Fall semester of the school year.

Length of Membership

A member of the team may remain a member until she graduates as long as all the rules and regulations are met. Regardless of classification, once a student chooses to drop off the team, it will be up to the directors' and administrators' discretion whether she will be allowed back on the team.


Freshman, Sophomores, and Junior students may audition for the team in the fall. Auditions include jazz, kick, and lyrical styles of dance, as well as turn, leap, kick, and split technique. The students will be selected by an independent panel of judges. Once selected, the students will be placed into a "New Majestic" class for the Spring semester and will officially step on the team in May.

Majestics Summer Opportunities

  • Officer Camp
  • Line/Leadership Camp
  • Dance Camp
  • Summer Dance Hours
  • Summer Rehearsals

Majestics Social Activities

  • Spirit/School Supported Social Activities
  • Big and Little Sister Events
  • Community Service Projects & Activities
  • Squad Parties
  • Mother/Daughter Tea
  • Family Picnic
  • Holiday Parties
  • End of the Year Banquet

Majestics Performance Activities

  • Colt Camp
  • Football Games
  • Pep Rallies
  • Basketball Games
  • Competitions
  • Trips
  • Illusions
  • Community Service Activities