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2022-2023 Booster Club Membership

Join the 2022-2023 McNeil Majestics Booster Club


Regular Family membership is $30

  • Access to Booster Club "Member Area" with Team Directory and meeting minutes.
  • Majestic Member magnetic name tags for meetings and team events.
  • Access to Historian Shutterfly account for viewing and downloading team pictures.
  • Actively participate in monthly booster club meetings.


Majestic Mini Special membership price of $15 for the Spring available until February 1st

  • Use drop down and select "Majestic Mini Spring Price"
2022-2023 Booster Club Membership


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Booster Club

The Majestics Booster Club supports the team in many ways. From cheering the team on at games and contests to hosting and helping at special events, to raising funds for costumes, props, choreography, and team trips, this dedicated group plays a vital role in the success of the Majestics program. It meets monthly during the year and works on special events and fundraising projects throughout the year.


The financial success of the Booster Club program is due to the overwhelming support of Majestic parents and family sponsors as they volunteer their special skills and talents to fundraising events. Volunteers sell homecoming mum supplies during football season and concessions and flowers during spring contests and recitals. They also organize family picnics and tailgates, procure and deliver pregame meals, direct traffic, and secure doors during events, and chaperone team trips when necessary. There is always a great need for help throughout the year, and our Majestic families make new friends in the process.


The Booster Club elects a Board of Directors to provide leadership and governance. The Board of Directors chair various fundraising projects, account for the finances, record the history of the Majestics through film and photography, recruit volunteers for events and maintain the website. They also work closely with the Majestic Directors to help ensure the success of the Majestics program at McNeil High School.


2023-2024 Majestic Booster Club Board Members 

  • President - Ashley Lundgren
  • VP Events - Michelle Denny
  • VP Fundraising - Elizabeth Kenney
  • VP Comms - Miriam Rubin
  • Treasurer - Kristina Carssow
  • Co Historian(s) - Grace Reyna + Pending
  • Parliamentarian and new Parent Liaison - Carol Lessenger
  • Webmaster - Fernando Arrigucci