Contest Results - 2023

24th Annual Winter Dance Classic Competition!

Majestics competed at the 24th Annual Winter Dance Classic on Friday, February 3rd and Saturday, February 4th at Leander High School in Leander, Texas.

Majestic Awards:

  • 12th grade Solos finalist - Josie S.
    • Top 5
    • 3rd runner up winner
  • Master kick finalist - Anya L.
    • Top 5
    • Master Kick winner
  • 11th grade Solo finalists - Matilda W.
    • 3rd runner up winner
  • Duets
    • 1st place Josie S. and Hazel C.
  • Small Ensembles Division
    • 1st place Social Officer 
  • Large Ensemble Division
    • 2nd place Contemporary company
    • 1st place Hip Hop company 
  • Line Officer Division 
    • 1st place Open
    • 1st place Jazz
    • 1st  place Contemporary 
  • Team division
    • 1st place Contemporary
    • 1st place Modern
    • 1st place Hip Hop
    • 1st place Novelty
  • Speciality judges awards
    • Outstanding Choreography - Team Contemporary 
  • Overall
    • High Point Winner Public Team!!!!

Central Austin Challenge Dance Competition!

Majestics and Sapphires competed at the Central Austin Challenge Dance Competition on Saturday, February 11th at Westwood High School. Both teams were up against some TREMENDOUS competition and did extremely well. Both Majestics and Sapphires beat the other Round Rock ISD High Schools, which is HUGE!!

Sapphire Awards:

  • Best in Class Champion JV Large team- Hip Hop
  • Best in Class Champion JV Large team-Contemporary
  • 2nd place in the entire JV category-Hip hop
  • 2nd place in the entire JV category-Contemporary
  • Challenge Elite 2023- (a high-scoring team from the whole contest)
  • Double Superior Performance (Both routines scored higher than 90)

Majestic Awards:

  • 11th grade solo finalists -1st runner up (Hazel C.)
  • Medium ensemble - 1st runner up- Contemporary Company ( out of 14 routines)
  • Large ensemble - 1st runner up- Hip Hop Company ( out of 14 routines)
    • Judges award- 90 above on 3 routines
  • Best in Class Medium Officers- 1st place Contemporary
    • 1st place Open
  • Team best in class- 90 or above in 3 or more routines
    • Judges award
  • Best in Class Large Team- ranking among teams in the same size category.
    • 1st runner up- Contemporary
    • 2nd runner up- Hip Hop
    • Winner- Team Modern
    • Winner- Team Musical Theater
  • Overall Best in Class Team Modern
    • Highest scoring modern out of whole contest
  • Officers and Team- Judges Award
    • Outstanding Choreography
    • Outstanding Technique
    • Outstanding Performance
    • Outstanding Showmanshi
  • Judges choice award
    • Team Modern
  • Grand Championship Officers
    • 2nd runner up McNeil Majestics
  • Grand Championship Medium Team
    • 2nd runner up- McNeil Majestics
  • Team challenge elite (a high-scoring team from the whole contest)
    • McNeil Majestics

Dripping Springs Crowd Pleasers Showcase!

Majestics competed at the Dripping Springs Crowd Pleasers Showcase Saturday, February 25th at Dripping Springs High School in Dripping Springs, Texas. This was a large contest with 43 teams competing.

Majestic Awards:

  • Medium Ensemble
    • Contemporary Company
      • 5th runner up
  • Large Ensemble
    • Hip Hop Company
      • 1st runner up
      • Highest Score in Majestic History!!
        • 293.75 out of 300
  • Medium Category Officers
    • Officer Open
      • WINNER
    • Officer Jazz
      • 4th runner up
    • Officer Contemporary
      • 1st runner up
      • Highest Scoring Officer Routine in Majestic History!!
      • 293 out of 300
      • Choreographed by the students themselves!!
    • 3rd runner up Overall
  • Medium Category Team (21-30 dancers)
    • Team Modern
      • 2nd runner up
    • Team Novelty/Musical Theater
      • WINNER
    • Team Hip Hop
      • 1st runner up
      • 0.5 point away from winner
  • OVERALL - out of 43 teams and 40 Officer groups
    • Officers
      • 7th runner up
    • Team 
      • 7th runner up