Majestics Spirit Wear



 McNeil Majestics Spirit T-Shirt


Show your Majestics Pride. Purchase a McNeil Majestics Spirit shirt and wear it all all Majestics events and let everyone know how proud you are of the Majestics and your Majestic in particular.

The back of the t-shirt may be customized to include the name of your Majestic.


Even if you don't have a Majestic on the team, purchase one and just leave off the name on the back and show your support of all things Majestics!!!




  • $20
  • Cancellations before T-shirt order will incur a 3% cancellation fee.

Please note:

  • When Placing an Order, please enter the name of your Majestic in the box displayed when viewing the order.  A sample of the box is shown below. This is the name that will be placed on the back of the t-shirt.




McNeil Majestic Spirit T-Shirt 2023

Show your pride in the Majestics in style. Add the name of your Majestic to the back and show your support for your Majestic.


Please see note above to ensure your Majestics' name is correctly noted for printing.


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