Illusions 2024

Spring Show Ad Information

The programs provided at Illusions contain ads which can be business ads or personal ads. All Majestics and Maji Mini should sell/buy the equivalent of one full page of advertising. Each ad must be an individual file. 


Step 1: Pick the size of ad(s) that you want. There are 2 sizes available. You may use the templates that are hyperlinked below or create your own layout. To use a template, click on an option below and select “Make A Copy”. Instructions appear on each template and you can resize or change it up once you add your pics and text.


Once you have created your ad, save it as a pdf titled: YOURNAME-Size of Ad-Number, for example: BALEIGHSIMMONS-FULL-1.pdf




▪ Full Page Ad  Dimensions 7” w x 9.5” h     cost $60    Vertical Max of 8 photos 

▪ Half Page Ad Dimensions 7” w x 4.62” h   cost $45    Horizontal Max of 4 photos

Ads should be created digitally with photos and text or using the templates provided above. Photos should be bold, clear, and high definition. Inappropriate photos or language will not be allowed. The ad must be the required measurement and direction shown on the layout guide (or use the templates linked above). The border must fit within the designated dimensions. Please check your ad for spelling errors.

Step 2: Please upload your ad in PDF Format to our online Google Form. You can access this form through this document and on the website. If you are submitting more than one ad, you must do individual submissions for each one. Label each file as ex: BALEIGHSIMMONS-FULL-1.pdf


Step 3: Pay for your specific ad below

The Majestic Directors reserve the right to reject or return ads if they are not done correctly or are inappropriate. Pictures should not contain suggestive material. No vulgar language or private jokes allowed. If you have any questions, please email or call Ms. Matthews at or 512-464-6419.

Ad Deadline: TUESDAY, MARCH 4th.


All Majestics and Maji Minis must sell the equivalent of ONE FULL PAGE (business or personal).

Illusions 2024 Full Page Ad

Full Page Ad with dimension of 7" w x 9.5" and a vertical maximum of 8 photos.

Full Page Ad for the Illusions 2023 program


Illusions 2024 Half Page Ad

Half Page Ad with a dimension of 7" w x 4.62" h and a horizontal maximum of 4 photos

Half Page Ad for the Illusions 2023 program